Classroom Project Details

The KICC is in need of a classroom teaching space.  This is an ongoing project expected to last 12 - 16 weeks depending on weather.

This project will break ground Memorial Day weekend,

May 28th 2022 @ 1PM  

We will begin with the creation of a raised garden bed, a new home for the sweetgrass we grow here at The KICC.  We are already busy clearing and preparing the work space to begin and the project will start with an explanation of the materials, safety precautions, and the construction of the foundation and framework.

All tools and supplies will be provided at the work site, by The KICC.


Here at The KICC we specialize in hands-on learning.  This project is our debut to the public and offered free of charge.  

(Due to covid we are currently operating via scheduled appointments only)  

We don’t want you to just sit and watch someone else do the work while it is explained to you.  We want you to leave us with the knowledge, experience, confidence, and inspiration to go home and create your own project.


Once the sweetgrass has been moved to its new home we will finish preparing the classroom area and begin laying the adobe foundation, followed by the framing and then cob application.


As we work our way from beginning to end our team here at The KICC will teach you about the Native American culture & history that inspires and guides the entire process.  We will be teaching information that has been held in secret within our many Native American tribes for hundreds of years!

Register today to participate in this exciting project that connects the past with the present, the people with the planet, and the people with each other!

The KICC welcomes you!

Let us begin our teachings right here…


Native American cultures, while spirit based, are also earth based.  Spirit and our planet go hand in hand and we are deeply connected to both.  Our indigenous peoples have inhabited North America for 10’s of thousands of years.  When the first colonists arrived on our great shores this land was lush, healthy, and thriving.  At that time it is estimated that more than 100 million Native Americans inhabited the North American continent.  We know from our elders that the people were also thriving then too.  That means our climate and environmental situation has deteriorated to its current unsustainable condition in only about the last 500 years.

Our Native American people are still deeply connected to the spirit world and our planet.  It is in our DNA.  We are born a part of both worlds and taught by our elders to understand these connections in our lives and how to rely on these connections to live in a good and healthy way for both ourselves and our planet.


Many of us are not born into our tribal cultures as our ancestors once were.  Those who are not born among our own people and traditional cultures often live our lives with a sense of disconnect, a feeling that something is missing.  Here I reference “we” because at The KICC all of our Native American team members were born outside of our reservation lands and indigenous cultures.  When we were born it was still illegal to be us!  Our cultures were not legal to practice, our clothing not legal to wear, our languages not legal to speak, our religions not legal to practice, until later in our lives.  The consequences for violating any of these laws were harsh and cruel and ranged from beatings & starvation to prison to death.  It has been a lifelong journey for each of us to reclaim what was stolen from our people, stolen from us.  It has been decades of connecting with elders, convincing them it is safe to now teach us what we need to learn, and then taking the time to learn from each of them, to experience and live our cultures, and to bring us to where we are today.  Our own learning is ongoing and will continue throughout our entire lives.  We wish to reconnect the many descendants out there who are also on their journey to learn, understand, and live our traditional cultures in today’s world.  We wish to connect our indigenous peoples with the non indigenous population by sharing with the world who we are… with the information coming from us, not non indigenous peoples from the past who left their interpretations of our ancestors as the only way for the world to know about us.


We are all connected.  “We” doesn’t mean just people.  We are connected to everything in our environment and beyond, and it is all connected to us.  Mother Earth is equipped to meet all of our needs, human and non human alike.  When we know all of our counterparts around us, the plants, animals, land, and water, when we take the time to make and learn that connection personally, the answers to our questions are provided for us.

The KICC is here to help you make that connection, experience the magic, and learn to grow that connection on your own time, in your own ways.  We are here to support you on your journey, to introduce you to a very old way of life that has been hidden away within the confines of our Native American cultures for all of these hundreds of years.