Tree Search - 4 Directions Contest

The search has now begun for 4 special trees to use as our support pillars.  Pickup availability is limited, delivery preferred.  Contact The KICC HERE with a photo of the tree you wish to submit for consideration as one of the 4 winning trees
Qualifying trees will be hardwood, 12 - 18 inches in diameter, and will be dead, dying, or in need to be taken down, but not rotted or bug eaten, and a minimum of 8 - 10 feet tall.  (Entrant must own the tree and the property it sits upon)  

We have limited range & availability to come cut our own so already cut is preferred.

Once a tree is deemed qualifying by The KICC team, the submitted photo will be put up on our website for our 4 Directions Contest.  Winners will be determined by a majority vote by our website visitors.  

Contest rules and details can be found on our 4 Directions Contest page HERE.  Name of the winning tree donor will be burned into the tree by our expert pyrographer and Chief Spiritual Counselor, Dawn Moneyhan, where it will remain a permanent part of our Cob Classroom and honored during our dedication ceremony after completion of the project.


We will be documenting this project through photos, videos, and text right here on our website so everyone can follow along.  Stay tuned and visit often for updates!

Give a Bale

Our cob mixture will need some straw.  Since we are unable to plant and grow our own here in the city, we will need to find donors to help us with this expense.  

WISCONSIN FARMERS willing to donate straw, hay, or grass clippings please contact The KICC HERE.


Artist Search

The KICC is currently searching for 7 Native American Artists willing to see the project through with regular participation from beginning to end.  Each of these 7 artists will be given 1 of the 7 directions and allowed creative expression to complete the classroom canopy with cob sculpture, pigments, and other materials we are working to source along this journey.  These 7 Native American Artists will participate in the designing of the overall project and each will have their artistic design and signature commemorated within our new classroom structure.

If you are a Native American artist interested in applying, please CLICK HERE

Buy a Brick 

Our fireplace and kitchen space will be in need of fire bricks as a part of the build.  For those who wish to participate but are too far away to do so in person, we invite you to join in our Buy a Brick donation program.  We have discovered these bricks are only sold in packs of 6 now, at a cost of $17.89/package.  This works out to $3/brick.  Each donor who participates in the Buy a Brick program with the purchase of at least one $3 brick will have their name commemorated somewhere in our classroom finished project as our way to show honor to all who have made an effort to help get this much needed classroom space built.  

To Buy a Brick for the 2022 Cob Classroom Project CLICK HERE

The Spirit in Soil Program

Cob also needs soil with at least 20 - 30% clay content.  Because this is a shallow project we will be in need of soil donors for our project.  Those with soil to donate please contact The KICC


The Sands of Time Program

Cob is 60 - 70% sand.  

To donate sand or contribute to the sand fund, please

contact The KICC


Other Donations:

We will be accepting other donated items to incorporate into our Cob Classroom Project only with prior contact and consent.  If you have rock, gravel, colored glass bottles, mosquito netting, etc. to donate please contact The KICC HERE with detailed descriptions (and photos if possible) of your offered items.  If accepted we will provide further details via email contact.