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What if I told you there is no excuse for hunger and homelessness?

What if I told you we can fix these problems in a short period of time?

It's true!

Our Native American cultures and lifeways hold the solutions to these and many more of the world's problems.

These world altering solutions have always been available, forced into hiding and secrecy to survive.

The KICC is here to peel back the layers of secrecy, to teach the world our ways so we can diminish the needless suffering all around us.

Our first focus programs will begin the process of ending hunger and homelessness with long term solutions, teaching others our secrets of planet friendly self sufficiency & self sustainability.


Our projects begin with the creation of The KICC Homestead where we can raise & grow our own food, use Mother Earth's natural resources as they were intended, and to live as good stewards, nurturing our Mother Earth as she nurtures us in return.  Our homestead will allow us to donate free meat and other foods to our local community and tribes.

We are currently seeking the seed/capital funding for the purchase of a SPECIFIC property in Blue Mounds, WI formerly known as Little Norway.  This beautiful valley property consists of 207+ acres with a 60 acre prairie ready for our elk and bison herds to live wild on managed lands, a natural spring that runs through the heart of the valley, a 15 acre mature maple grove ready for tapping, and a 30 acre stretch already plowed and ready to plant our 3 Sisters & Sacred Medicine gardens while we host a team of homeless veterans on site, for our 1 year program.


The last Native American presence allowed on this land ended as a result of the Black Hawk War of 1832.  Everything The KICC needs to provide for the below projects and more, already lies on this land. 

Help us to finally go home! 

  • Elk & Bison meat to feed ourselves

  • Elk/Bison meat to donate to our local community & tribes

  • Prime fertilizer to share with our local community

  • Trail cams so the world can share our animals and learn about them from anywhere

  • Online and Offline classes and teachings for how to use the entire animal without waste

  • Animal byproducts to support our homestead needs and to raise funding for program expansion




US Army Combat Veteran, SGT Timothy Grossman is a supporter and contributor to The KICC Veteran's Village Project.

"It's time to save those who have sacrificed all to save us!"

- Dawn Moneyhan & The KICC Team


1 year support program (4 seasons) where our veteran guests will learn to work an indigenous homestead while healing from their traumas through the spiritual practices of our Native American cultures & lifestyle in a safe setting.

As part of this program each veteran will receive the following:

  • Learn hands on to create their own eco friendly dwelling out of cob, wood, and natural resources claimed from the land

  • Learn to give back by planting and nurturing the land that provides for us

  • Learn all of the functions and needs of an indigenous off grid homestead

  • Each veteran will be paired with a service dog program puppy & provided with a professional trainer, groomer, and all of the tools and supplies necessary to care for their own service dog, including support after graduation, for the life of the dog.

  • Program diploma that allows for long term resources and supports from The KICC

  • Marketable skills that will allow them to reenter the job market or our supports to begin their own homestead (each homesteading graduate we support will carry a long term requirement to pay it forward with food donations of their own) 

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