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Dawn Moneyhan is a tribal member of LRBOI (Little River Band of Ottawa Indians); Dawn is also Chief Clergy, and Spiritual Counselor at The KICC. 

Dawn has been working as a volunteer at living history events, focused on education, for the past 10+ years. Teaching Native American cultures & spirituality, traditions, music, dance, and practical earth friendly living skills has been the highlight of every event.  Over a decade, the lessons, classes, and everything else she does has expanded and grown along with her experience.


Amber Sikes is an experienced vet tech who possesses a magical gift with animals.  Amber has been a student of our tribal culture and lifeways teachings for the past 3 years.  Amber, otherwise known to us as “Dade” is revered among our indigenous peoples as a two-spirit person, which is believed to be special and sacred.  Once finishing school to complete their DVM, our beloved Dade will serve as the chief veterinarian for The KICC and our special animals. 


Dr. Delia Ross is also a tribal member, an elder of LRBOI, clergy at The KICC, and a schoolteacher.  Delia joined the team because of her education, teaching skills, knowledge, and deep-set desire to bring our indigenous cultures to the world. 


For 500 years the cultures, traditions, and spiritual connection to our Native American ancestors and our beautiful Mother Earth have been forced into silence, made nearly extinct.  These cultures, traditions, and connections to our natural world are the very things now needed to save our planet from the climate crisis, and thus ourselves, from certain extinction.

For hundreds of years it was illegal in the United States to practice our cultures, speak our languages, wear our traditional clothing, or practice our spirituality as our ancestors passed down with each generation.

The American Indian Religious Freedom Act was signed on August 11, 1978 by President Jimmy Carter.  By this time much of the Native American cultures had been diminished to the deeply held & closely guarded secrets within the tribes.

By this time our indigenous peoples had also been divided up by blood quantum to determine who possessed ENOUGH indigenous blood to be allowed the privilege of recognition as an American Indian and to be allowed to register with our tribes.

This practice has left many Native American descendants and those who are unable to prove their heritage, with their cultural teachings unavailable to them.  Many tribal families today are made up of those who are registered and the children and grandchildren who cannot.

While serving together on LRBOI's Cultural Committee, Dawn and Delia were made aware of just how severe this lack of cultural availability really is.  And then Spirit spoke and thus began our journey...

Dawn stepped down from the committee in search of a better, more accessible way to bring the culture to the people.  Delia continues to sit on the committee today.

While organizing a living history event in July of 2021 Dawn was made aware of another dilemma facing those who wished to learn our indigenous ways: Timing!  Many families were disappointed and unable to attend this event because their lives have become too busy, so they spoke up... and we listened.


Immediately following that event The KICC was born.

The living history events entail excess amounts of physical labor to set up during all kinds of weather while working 2 - 4 days of teaching, only to take it all down so it can be done again a week or 2 later.  Combined with the busy schedules of those who wish to learn, indigenous and non indigenous alike, unable to attend according to the schedules of our host sites, attendance has declined while the demand remains high.

We desire to create a place where we can build our camp and let it stand long term, on a property where we make the rules needed to accommodate us & our culture, and where anyone can book a stay in a wigwam or a tipi while learning hands on the teachings & skills they seek, on their own schedules.

We desire to create a homestead where we can share with the public as our natural living classroom, as provided by our Creator and Mother Earth.


We worked from Dawn's backyard offering day-long teachings & services until the weather forced everyone inside for the winter.

We are now in need of expansion as our following continues to grow and the need for our unique, one of a kind, cultural teaching camp remains.


Welcome to The KICC!

There is nowhere else in the world like this!



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