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10 Secret Steps to the Native American Connection to the Natural World

Welcome Students!

This web page is for your eyes only.  Please do NOT share the link.  This is a hidden page, not part of our active website.

Below you will find the pdf files needed for class.

Please do NOT share these files.

The spacing within the book files has been altered to protect me in the event someone attempts to print or share any of them.  This will not affect your ability to read the book.  Your 10% discount to purchase the print version of this book will accompany your certificate upon completion of the course and can only be redeemed through me personally.
I will include more details during class.

All class related communications will be conducted in the classroom forum and during our weekly Zoom class together.

Email is our backup if needed.


Please click the pdf icon for access to the necessary files.  If anyone has a problem accessing/opening these files please contact me asap so we can get it fixed.

Homework Assignments

You may download the homework assignment pdf files if you choose.  Click PDF icon to access each file.  Completed assignments should be submitted/written at the classroom forum by their due date.

Assignment #1


Class 1  March 26th

Class 2 April, 2nd

Class 3 April, 9th

Class 4 April 16th

Class 5 April, 23rd

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