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What if I told you there is no excuse for hunger and homelessness?

What if I told you we can fix these problems in a short period of time?

It's true!

Our Native American cultures and lifeways hold the solutions to these and many more of the world's problems.

These world altering solutions have always been available, forced into hiding and secrecy to survive.

The KICC is here to peel back the layers of secrecy, to teach the world our ways so we can diminish the needless suffering all around us.

Our first focus programs will begin the process of ending hunger and homelessness with long term solutions, teaching others our secrets of planet friendly self sufficiency & self sustainability.


Our projects begin with the creation of The KICC Homestead where we can raise & grow our own food, use Mother Earth's natural resources as they were intended, and to live as good stewards, nurturing our Mother Earth as she nurtures us in return.  Our homestead will allow us to donate free meat and other foods to our local community and tribes.

We are currently seeking the seed/capital funding for the purchase of property in Southeastern/South Central WI

  • Elk & Bison meat to feed ourselves

  • Elk/Bison meat to donate to our local community & tribes

  • Prime fertilizer to share with our local community

  • Trail cams so the world can share our animals and learn about them from anywhere

  • Online and Offline classes and teachings for how to use the entire animal without waste

  • Animal byproducts to support our homestead needs and to raise funding for program expansion



The KICC Foster Care

Extension Program


During their 1 year program stay each student will learn and experience the following:

  • Care, husbandry, harvest, use, etc of bison and elk livestock and their byproducts using indigenous methods, herd management to allow the animals to live wild on managed land, eliminating the need for expensive feed, buildings, and other common farming care practices.

  • Planting and maintenance of the needed prairie and forest lands needed to sustain the animal and human population within our homestead community


  • Basic life skills - cooking, sewing, cleaning, hygiene, etc 


  • Pottery making, using harvested raw earth and purchased clay - fired via wood fire kiln and pit fire


  • Plant and animal ID, Wisconsin state laws regarding hunting, fishing, trapping as it pertains to Native Americans and the general public.  

The skills of hunting, fishing, and trapping for food, clothing, shelter, ceremonial needs as the laws permit, the use of archery and non firearm practices


  • Gardening to provide food for our homestead and the local community around us


  • Native American crafting and instrument making, furniture making, how to set up an online store to sell their own personally made wares, education about Wisconsin state laws, federal laws, and tax laws pertaining to a hobby business.  A portion of these teachings are classroom work.


  • Traditional ceremonial practices and teachings of the student's tribal heritage and inclusion with all others when unknown, along with assistance in tracing their heritage and connecting to their tribes, if possible.


  • Music - The KICC music circle is both traditional and ceremonial, and will help to serve as music fundraising events for church incidental expenses and entertainment


  • Talking Circle - This is our indigenous group counseling session, held regularly to help any who are struggling with emotional or mental crisis or any other need, and to learn to work out grievances in a peaceful, mature, and responsible way.

One on one counseling is available if needed/requested


  • Basic vehicle maintenance and driving lessons/license for those who don't have one when they arrive, structured and restricted use of church vehicles.


  • Classroom instruction - Learning the history of our Native American tribes/peoples up to present and current events that directly affect Native Americans, especially the youth.  This will include some form of tribal language restoration/lessons or participation in another program offered through a tribe.


  • Experience in charity work as we raise and donate purposely raised excess food to our surrounding community


  • Financial management classes and responsibilities

Each student will have and manage their own bank account, with assistance available on an as needed basis as they learn to manage their earned money responsibly.  A small allowance in the form of stipend pay will be given for specific tasks so no person is left penniless and 100% dependent on The KICC for personal needs outside of our program scope.  The amount of stipend pay will be dependent upon product sales and productivity of each individual/task completion on a bimonthly basis, as preparation for a real world employment situation.  


  • Other farm animal husbandry as pertains to homestead food supplies and basic introduction to agriculture as an industry - education class


  • Earthen building construction, from start to finish, while living in the finished dwelling and learning to maintain it through all 4 of Wisconsin's weather seasons.  Includes basic off grid plumbing and electrical installation and maintenance.  This teaches accomplishment in both individual and teamwork situations while teaching problem solving and self sustainability skills.


  • Conservation land management - education classes and daily practices on the homestead

Program Details

Upon Graduation each student will receive:

  • A special certificate of completion for our program and personalized handmade gift from The KICC

  • Supports to start their own homestead with encouragement to depart and begin a new community together, encouraging the continuance of our cultural living

  • An introduction to and help in applying for/connecting to a mentor, to pursue their own small business plans if they choose

  • The offer of a continued 6 month stay as management help with the new year's class with housing in the dormitory during the student program year.

  • The offer of a continued 1 year stay to train as clergy under The Kwewag Indigenous Culture Church, with a contract and ordination ceremony at graduation - to begin a new branch of The KICC in another location and obligation to donate purposely raised excess food to the local community surrounding the new location.

  • 6 months of assistance (by appointment only) in filling out job applications and writing resumes

  • An open door policy to attend any/all formal classes and presentations offered by The KICC - free of charge, for a period of not less than 3 years for continued learning and involvement in our mission

  • Our blessings as they enter the world as young adults with inspiration, goals, and a clearly paved path forward and a family to return to/remain in contact with anytime they want/need, as those of us blessed with biological families typically experience without 2nd thought

Every year our Native American children are put into the foster care system - removed from their families & tribes and all connections to their indigenous heritage.  As these children turn 18 they are often turned away by the foster families who have cared for them, without resources or connections to their biological families or tribes.

The KICC has a place for these children.


It's time to bring our children home... all of them!

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