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Memorial Day Weekend, Cob Project Breaks Ground!

The Cob Classroom Project got underway this Memorial Day weekend. It was slow going with the difficult weather. First we waited out the rain we weren't supposed to get, then we slowly worked through the heat, humidity, and wind. This location was chosen because it was available and receives full sun. Phase 1 of the classroom project involves a new raised cob bed for the sweetgrass. The sweetgrass must be relocated before we can break ground on the classroom floor.

In the photos you can see an existing garden bed in this location. This was the failed aquaponics strawberry garden from a number of years ago. (We did manage to troubleshoot this previous project so we can modify it to work in the future)

We began by dismantling the rotted wood framework and breaking up the soil that was very compacted with roots from various weeds and invasive plants that had taken over.

Thanks to the hefty squirrel population here, the ground is VERY uneven and required some leveling before we could begin the lay the gravel for the foundation. Because this falls along the property line we needed to take measurements to be sure we are within the 3 ft distance from the property line that the local ordinance requires.

We laid the foundation frame of concrete blocks so we will know where to place the limited amount of gravel we have to start with. These were stomped down and set in firmly, leaving a nice imprint beneath each of them.

You'll notice a portion of the frame sits in the shade of the neighboring pine tree. We have decided to add a worm bed, a small counter/table top, and a compost area at the end of our new garden bed.

This didn't seem like it would be much work, as we have take on various projects over the years. We forgot to figure in our increased age and the extreme weather that has become so unpredictable. Oops!

So this is where we ended our Memorial Day weekend and work will resume as the weather allows, ongoing, until the project is finished. Stay tuned for the next update!

We encourage everyone to come on out and join us for a day of fun and education! Register HERE

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