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The Story of The Tilting Tipi

The KICC tipi has been up on its platform since October 2021. It was put up in a hurry and the rope securing the tipi poles at the top came loose in a windstorm. The poles have slowly spread at the top since then, which has caused the tipi canvas to lean to one side. It wasn't real noticeable until recent, after yet another windstorm, so we will be fixing the tipi next weekend if the weather allows. With so much to do this weekend and another week of storms coming at us, we decided to wait. We're all pretty tired after this busy few days and taking down and putting up a tipi is a lot of manual labor when you start to get old.

Inside the tipi my husband rigged a tarp system to catch the rain that manages to find its way in through the spread in the tipi poles up top. The tarps channel the water where it should go, between the liner and outer canvas and keep everything inside, dry.

In the photo you can see a white pvc pipe leading to the tipi and up under the canvas. That is our internet connection/ethernet cable so we can communicate with all of you while we are out there. This tipi also has electric inside, so we have light and a small space heater for the winter months when the wood stove isn't quite enough to chase all of the drafts away. This is a very used, very loved tipi!

Before the tipi sat in its current location there was a large brush pile there instead. Every year when we trimmed the trees we would add to the brush pile, and thus always had wood and kindling for the pottery fires in the pit. Every spring the wild rabbits would nest in the brush pile, hoping to hide their babies from the local hawks and other predators, not always successfully.

This year the bunnies are celebrating our new pallet platform for the tipi. It is providing much better protection from weather as well as predators, so we have been graced with baby bunnies this year. Every day I stand in the window and watch them out munching in the yard before we head out to work for the day. Once their bunny tummies are full they hop back under the platform where they nap and watch us work until sundown.

I will be sure to come back and share more photos when we fix the tipi!

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