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The KICC Blog is our newest method to get our news and teachings out to all of you! Follow along with our project updates, learn about our new events as they happen and after they finish, special topics and guest speakers for our Roundtable, and much more!

Please leave your comments and interact with us here under each topic.

We want to hear from YOU! Miigwetch for visiting, please come back often!

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Cob Project Update

The Cob Project has been suspended due to climate change and lack of participation. We will resume this project when weather and participation allow. We thank you for your understanding.


Jun 06, 2022

Aanii, dear Dawn,

Aanii, dear Friends from the KICC,

I am so happy to have found you and to have gotten to know you and

I can say that I have already learned a lot of new things through the

Zoom Meetings. Miigwetch for that !

Most of all, I get a deeper access to the current problems of Native Americans,

which leads to reflection and rethinking. I hope that we will continue to have a

good exchange and I send you my warmest regards.


Peter Schmalenbach

from Germany

Jun 13, 2022
Replying to

Aanii & chi miigwetch Peter! We are so honored to have you participate with our weekly Roundtable discussions! We are grateful for your help in sharing our teachings with that part of the world.

I apologize for the delay in responding here. The website didn't want to let me access this particular post for some reason. Argh! Haha!

Have a safe and blessed week and we all look forward to seeing you at Roundtable again soon! 🌳

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