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After hosting a complete misrepresentation of our Native American people's experiences surrounding the boarding schools,

The Manitowoc Public Library is attempting to label our

Native American Peoples as

About OUR OWN experiences, family stories, and history

The KICC is not what you think of as the average church.  At The KICC we follow our traditional tribal teachings, culture, and spirituality as our ancestors once did.

What makes us so different is that we are available to all, indigenous and non indigenous alike.  Everyone is welcome!

Hosted by The University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh, Dr. Foust, and The Intertribal Student Council

Chi Miigwetch/Many Thanks for making this important conversation possible!


The KICC is making noise in the news!!

The Kwewag Indigenous Culture Church functions, believes, and teaches this culture of spirituality to all who wish to learn with us. Our functions do not mimic a typical Christian based church or faith. Our services are our teaching and they are based on our environment and spiritual connection to it. Our teachings come from our ancestors and have been passed down through the generations among our own peoples (tribes) through oral history, hands on education, and ceremonial knowledge. The Kwewag Indigenous Culture Church is the first of its kind as we resurrect our once illegal spiritual cultures and invite the general public to now learn and practice our spiritual cultures and traditions with us, opening our doors to the secrets of indigenous spirituality for the world to experience.

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