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The snowsnake is an ancient indigenous winter game originating from the Great Lakes regional tribes.

It is quite simple yet there is still skill involved.  It is a game for all ages and costs little to nothing to create, depending on what tools are used to move and shape the snow and how the snakes are made.

We teach how to make the snakes, from wooden dowels or tree branches sourced from the property.

By our 3rd year we hope to host a statewide snowsnake competition that will draw all 11 of Wisconsin's tribes to participate.

We want to grow the popularity of this game until it advances to an accepted Winter Olympic sport, allowing an ancient Native American sport into the Olympic Games, which is long past due.

While building this dream there was one dilemma:  How to inspire the people who come to learn, to practice once they leave us... hone their skills, make them a part of their daily lives?


Our survival events answer that question.

Each event will divide our guests into teams for a 2 - 3 day journey into our wilderness.  Each team will be given 1 tipi per 4 people, a list of items to collect, and the resources our ancestors would have had during pre-colonization times.

Each team will be accompanied by one of our teachers and 1 - 2 of our trained interns who will supervise and help along the way while ensuring the rules are followed.  All of the teachings we offer will lead to a successful journey.

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