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Summer 2024 - Date TBA

Dodge County Historical Society, Beaver Dam, WI

Native American Boarding Schools Exhibit

with talk by tribal citizen of the Odawa Nation & Spiritual Leader of

The Kwewag Indigenous Culture Church, Dawn Moneyhan.
Come explore the history of the Native American Boarding schools, from their inception and what inspired them, to the present day circumstances spawned from them, including their large contribution to our current climate crisis situation.

This is a history not taught in schools and not reported by the news or made into Hollywood movies (yet).  This history has affected EVERY person in America, indigenous or not, in some way - but has been hidden in secret - kept in the depths of the federal and Christian church archives for over 125 years.

This talk includes solutions and calls to action!
Don't just listen - ask your questions!

Dawn is eager to answer your questions at the end of her talk and will spend some time near the exhibit to mingle and interact with the public at the conclusion.

This is an interactive exhibit which includes a trivia game the public is invited to participate in.  Take a card from the display, fill out your contact information on one side and then flip it over, answer your choice of 10 of the listed questions at the beginning of the display, and drop it into the collection box with $1 at the end of the display.

All answers are found within the exhibit. 

All perfect scores will then be entered into a drawing for (TBA)

to be held Friday, November 1, 2024.  3 winners will be chosen.  Winners will be notified via contact information included on their game card.

Unlimited entry, $1 per entry.

(Details & instructions found at beginning of exhibit)

The exhibit will remain on display at the Dodge County Historical Society, Beaver Dam location for a limited time after this event for the public to enjoy and learn from.


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